#4 Rings

A random thought has passed from my mind. I just threw a simple question in one of my circle group; will you wear your wedding ring after you are married? So here are the captured answers.



Captured chat. Skip the second line that mentioned “..abang elsa”. She’s not my girl :p


All the answers came from the girls. As you can see on the last answer, one of them argued that not only wife has to wear the ring but also her husband does. I was surprised with her answer as she said that she get her (future) husband worn their wedding rings. What an awful world (“,)

It is an usual thing that married women wear the wedding ring. Someone said to me that it is a symbol of fidelity; a gent warning to express “Hey, I am taken!” I am quite sure that the ring will make the married woman save for the man temptations. Otherwise I met with the others married mom (yes, they have a child!) not wearing her rings. I think perhaps people will not tease her, later I will ask them why they don’t put their rings on 😀

What about the married men? Well, fifty-fifty. In my big family, it is just one of my uncle use it. My grandpa doesn’t wear it. My father doesn’t either.  What about me? I tend to not wearing it as I am still confused in which hand I have to put it haha. I am a right-handed and feel uncomfortable, so it is not an best option so far. In left hand? Hmm, it is also not a best option because I always use my left to, sorry, cawik! (I hardly find that word in English).

But let’s see whether I wear it or not later, it also depends on how I make my (future) wife sure that I am, and will be, devoted to her ever after. #ciyee

#2 Negaraku Negaramu



Gw waktu pemilihan calon anggota legislatif memutuskan untuk masuk ke dalam 24,89 persen ini. Namun, gw berubah pikiran dengan mendaftarkan pindah TPS dan menggunakan suara gw *semoga dapet TPS yang deket aja*

Well, gw sudah punya pilihan jodoh capres yang akan gw coblos tanggal 9 Juli nanti. Kalah atau menang yang penting gw punya alasan nanti sewaktu presiden baru terpilih walaupun beliau bukan calon yang gw pilih..

Susahnya hidup di negara demokrasi (yang katanya) ketiga terbesar di dunia.  Mau pemilihan presiden ributnya ga ketulungan. Pemilu sekarang bertepatan dengan  bulan puasa, kita lihat apakah pendukung capres-capres yang militan itu tetap setia pada militansinya atau akan mengurangi tensi mereka karena khusyu’ beribadah.

Jikalau Bapak Soeharto melihat dinamika negara ini akan dibawa kemana, pastilah ilustrasi di atas bisa menggambarkan realita yang ada.


Depok, 2 Ramadhan 1435 H.

tak ada yang lebih tabah
dari hujan bulan Juni
dirahasiakannya rintik rindunya
kepada pohon berbunga itu…

Sapardi Djoko Damono–Hujan Bulan Juni

It is about time…

One night, I read someone wrote a status, appeared in my Facebook timeline.  It was obviously addressed to me..

I am really sorry. Ain’t able to deal with anything you left behind in the past. It is hard for you, I know, but please let you finish the unfinished, it might be better.

Everything passes, everything wears out, and everything breaks.


au vous-chère: oublie ton passé qu’il soit simple pu composé parce qu’il est trop présent, qu’il est vous détruit.


After almost four months postponed, here I continue my trip report of Hong Kong backpacking as I promised before. In this part, I decide to write up the remaining three days there. I will update it while I try to remember as well.

 Second Day at HK, Dec 20th, 2013

We planned to go to Macau via HK China Ferry Terminal. We walked for fifteen minutes and passed the Harbor City.  We were difficult to find the the terminal because it does not look like another port in Indonesia such as Bakauheni (Lampung) or Ketapang (Banyuwangi). The building is very modern in which we can find fast-food resto and shopping mall. We went on to the locket to buy one-way ticket. Yet, we decided to buy return-ticket because it was offered cheaper than the one-way. Fyi, there are some ferry operators so that we are available to choose which one is appropriate with our schedule and cost. I got HKD 320 for the return-ticket. Don’t forget to bring your passport because we will pass the immigration gate (for free). HK money is also valid in Macau. We touched down to Macau and the Grand Lisboa was our first destination. We had to find the free-shuttle bus in front of the Macau Ferry Terminal. We were blessed (or cursed?) because at that time we reached Macau, it was the celebration of transfer of sovereignty of Macau from the Portuguese Republic to the People’s Republic of China. We were able to enter the Ruins of St. Paul because of that annual ceremony.

Ferry Terminal

HK China Ferry Terminal

Dinner dinner chicken winner!

Dinner dinner chicken winner!–The Venetian’s  Casino


Macau's Skycraper- Grand Lisboa

Macau’s Skycrapers- Grand Lisboa

In front of Ruin of St. Paul, Macau

In front of Ruin of St. Paul, Macau


We continued our trip to WYNN to see the water fountain show. The show is scheduled every fifteen minutes. I forgot to capture the show but here I provide the illustration of it. Beautiful, right? We did not have the lighting effect since we saw it in the afternoon. From WYNN, we went back to the ferry terminal, tried to catch the shuttle bus to the Venetian. There are the bubble show and the gondola, but it was the first time for me entering the casino room! After walking around the building, we queued the shuttle bus to ferry terminal, going back to HK mainland. It was Friday so we missed the Jumatan praying. Finding the space for sholat was very, very difficult. I myself asked for the officer at ferry terminal where the praying room but it was not available there. Finally, we prayed at the corner of waiting room (hmm, something like that). We safely arrived at HK mainland at about 10 p.m and prepared to check out for the next day. Remember, all of the apartments (and houstels) there are equipped by smoke alarms to prevent the fire in each floor. Always remind your friends not to smoke in your room. If not, the alarm will ring and disturb all dwellers. Trust me, it is annoying! On the second day, I spent HKD 539 for breakfast (Nasi Lemak+softdrink) of HKD 30, ferry ticket of HKD 320, for nasi Briyani dinner HKD 39, and the HKD 150 for the hotel.


Third Day at HK, Dec 21st 2013

We checked out from the houstel and had to come across another lodging. One of my friend suggested us to find Dompet Dhuafa (DD) office at Jardine Bazar, Causeway Bay. First of all we had no contact to call, try our luck to find the building. Alhamdulilah, there are so many Indonesian since that place are dominated by Javanese haha! We tried to speak to veiled-girl in Bahasa, asked where DD office is, and finally find the office with her. We got the permission to stay in its shelter for a night. They are very welcomed to us! They shared their experiences during working there.

Near DD office #bukanpromosi

Near DD office #bukanpromosi

Then, we left to market near Sham Shui Po station. I think there was a good things to buy so we continued to The Peak because some of us will have had to go back to Indonesia in the next day. Otherwise, because I still have tomorrow,  going around to anonymous way of the city with tram was a good idea. I met with two Indonesian girls  in the tram, chat with them. It was so heart touching since they would go to vocational school. They told that education is still top of their priority though they are working on weekdays. They saved some of the income to pay their tuition and books. Yeah, life is always at some turning points and they struggle to make their own! On the third day, I do not spent as much as before, just HKD 58 total.


Fourth Day at HK, Dec 22nd 2013

That day was real adventure for me. Why? Because we were close to lose contact with one of our group! Here the story. We had an opportunity to see the historical Victoria Park at Sunday Morning, what a blessed! We were just walking around for some minutes before we went back to The Peak and Madamme Tussaud Museum as planned before. We (me, my 1st friend, my 2nd friend) separated as of reaching to the Peak. My 2nd friend did not plan to visit the museum and preferred to go to the top roof. We got appointment to see in an hour in front of the museum entrance. But, do you know what will come about next? Me and my 1st friend broke the promise as we did not want miss some points of Tussaud’s figures. We were late for an hour and try to wait for my 2nd friend. After an hour, he did not come out so we assumed that he’s okay. We continued our trip to the Mong Kok, visiting the girl market. The bargaining skill is very important. We should bargain at least 50%-off before we decide to buy. It’s so much win when we can persuade the seller to accept our offering price. I got an unique-USB-speaker and some key chains. The day turned into evening yet there was no information about my 2nd friend so we came to my shelter, expecting he showed up there. But the fact that he did not! We started to worry, made illogical assumption where he was. My 1st friend and I decided go to the Peak again by taxi to spread the information of my 2nd friend. Unexpectedly, he called me! Just a minute before the announcer speaks. He nearly screwed my first backpacking! Then we went back to the shelter and pack to go to airport. We thanked to DD’s people for the help. Thank you so much! On the last day, I spent HKD 714, the most spending of all.

Victoria Park Map

Victoria Park Map

The Peak Tram Entrance

The Peak Tram Entrance

The view of HK city from The Peak

The view of HK city from The Peak

with "Mr. President"--Tussauds Museum

with “Mr. President”–Tussauds Museum




saatnya pulang!

saatnya pulang!


We took the bus to the airport and reached to the airport at about 11 p.m. I forget where we slept that night (in airport praying room again?). While waiting for another friend, I took some pictures, anathematized why this little country could build the huge airport. Later, I know that HK has the most economic freedom in 2013.  Thanks God I have visited this country once in my life.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”–Rumi