#4 Rings

A random thought has passed from my mind. I just threw a simple question in one of my circle group; will you wear your wedding ring after you are married? So here are the captured answers.



Captured chat. Skip the second line that mentioned “..abang elsa”. She’s not my girl :p


All the answers came from the girls. As you can see on the last answer, one of them argued that not only wife has to wear the ring but also her husband does. I was surprised with her answer as she said that she get her (future) husband worn their wedding rings. What an awful world (“,)

It is an usual thing that married women wear the wedding ring. Someone said to me that it is a symbol of fidelity; a gent warning to express “Hey, I am taken!” I am quite sure that the ring will make the married woman save for the man temptations. Otherwise I met with the others married mom (yes, they have a child!) not wearing her rings. I think perhaps people will not tease her, later I will ask them why they don’t put their rings on 😀

What about the married men? Well, fifty-fifty. In my big family, it is just one of my uncle use it. My grandpa doesn’t wear it. My father doesn’t either.  What about me? I tend to not wearing it as I am still confused in which hand I have to put it haha. I am a right-handed and feel uncomfortable, so it is not an best option so far. In left hand? Hmm, it is also not a best option because I always use my left to, sorry, cawik! (I hardly find that word in English).

But let’s see whether I wear it or not later, it also depends on how I make my (future) wife sure that I am, and will be, devoted to her ever after. #ciyee