Hampir tiga bulan terakhir (dan delapan bulan ke depan, semoga) “bergulat” dengan isu social security, topik lama yang relatif baru di negeri ini. Ga jauh-jauh sama orang miskin dan keuangan negara, ya setidaknya isu ini akan berkembang sepuluh tahun ke depan apalagi kalau dikaitkan sama desentralisasi.
Well, the decision has been made.

Nb: sudah setaun ibu bupati menjabat dan bu walikota terpilih baru saja dilantik. Kita lihat apakah srikandi-srikandi ini cuma kepanjangan tangan suami mereka atau tidak. Gue akan menulis soal ini 🙂

Trip Report – Backpacking to Hong Kong – Part 2

After writing the 1st part, I’ll continue to write the 2nd one of my trip. I’ll write it in English. Ok, here it is.

Since the immigration gate had been closed, we took some rests in the airport benches. Some of us recharged the electronic devices and filled the water up. At 6 a.m., the gate was opened and we get in the queue. Entering the hall of the airport, I got surprised that it is one oh the big airports in Asia! Later, I know it just has two runway though it served than 56.5 million passengers in 2012. Unfortunately, it did not include the busiest airport in 2012. Fyi, Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport did and ranked 8th of the busiest airport in the world.


We therefore went to outside to wait for the public bus. We have bought the Octopus Card for HK$ 150. That card ease us to make any payments in HK area. We decided to go with S1 public bus to Tung Cung MTR Station. It costed about HK$ 3,5 (I forgot the exact amount). Then we walked to station from the bus shelter. Our hostel located in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Island and we must stop in Lai King Station and change to Tsim Tsa Tsui Station. It was the cheapest way which cost HK$ 17 in total.


The MTR line route. Unfortunately it blurred as taken with my mobile phone and forget to activate the auto-focus.

As we reached the Tsim Sha Tsui, we were hard to find our hostel. The road is so crowded with the skycraper buildings and hostel nameboard was not to clear for us. With some struggle, we finally found the building and went to the 7th floor that the hostel “office” situated. The boys got the room at 13th floor. I repeat, 13th FLOOR! I do not believe in any myth so I take easy with it *lalala*


The scene from my 13th floor room at 6 a.m.

We arrived at 9 a.m and would have checked in at 11 a.m. so walking around the Nathan Road was the good idea. After taking our bags, we looked for the meals since we did not have any breakfast yet. One of my friends asked us going to Al-Hambra Building to find a halal (and cheap) food. We had to walk for about three kilometers from the houstel. We finally ate in Malaysian Halal restaurant that sells a packet of Briyani rice and a drink for HK$ 30. I myself ordered the french-fries of HK$ 17.

Then, we took some walking around the Nathan Road and finally reached a big Pakistan mosque. We decided to take some rest there while waiting for Dhuhur pray. I got surprised when I knew its ablution has hot water tap! Thing that I have never been found in Indonesia hehe..

Kowloon Mosque

After taking the praying, I realize (again) that being an minority people is hard. We just have to strengthen our belief, trying not to give up our obligations. That is the most important thing I have learned.

Oiya, we also played at Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars near the mosque. It is a public park in which the comic figure built. Once again, Hong Kong gives me a real public policy lesson; how the government organizes the city very well. It does not take one’s mind off about the people happiness, especially for the children and the elderly. That public park is the nice place for people to stick together with their family or their friends. Remember, Hong Kong does not have sufficient land but their government provides the nice public park for their people.


In the night, we came to Salisbury Garden with the bus. It was a lot of pre-wed photographers (of course, with their couple) as that place has beautiful views to memorize.




Mas Barlin with “the girl” took a photograph. Well, I doubt she is a girl :p

From there, we walked to Avenue of Stars to take an amazing photo in front of A Symphony of Light and some awesome landmarks.



The picture I love the most because I looked handsome! haha

In the first day, I spent HK$ 282 in total; HK$ 150 for Octopus Card, HK$ 17 for the meal, HK$ 5 for the meal (in McD), and HK$ 110 for the houstel (after I shared it with my friends)

…to be continued